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EffiChem is designed for ISO 17025 accredited and GMP approved testing laboratories, regardless of the industry.

Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry
Water quality industry
Food, beverages and cosmetics
National Institutions
F4 Result review and approval
Review and Approval of results by a second person
F5 Sample approval
Sample approval, confirming that the prescribed tests were completed, results entered and approved, electronically signed, if required
F6 Reporting (CoA, Test report)
Reporting of results to the customer, by means of a Certificate of Analysis, or a Test report
F1 Sample receipt
Receipt of the sample in the laboratory – the sample is delivered from a customer, internal production, or warehouse
F2 Sample logging
Sample logging in LIMS, typically including Sample name, Customer name, Due date, Specification, etc.
F3 Testing and results entry
Execution of pre-defined tests according to Specification and Results entry. Automatic evaluation of results against specificationřed-po-v2-bila-CZ.pngřed-po-v2-bila-CZ.png

EffiChem 5.0

EffiChem 5.0 is available in three options
On premise
A highly configurable, all-in-one solution, incl. LIMS, QMS, DMS, and Statistical Data Evaluation


A pre-configured, cloud solution, based on EffiChem proven best practices


A validated, affordable, rapidly deployable system running on EffiChem’s infrastructure

Validated data storage - VDU 1.0

A secure, validated data storage in a cloud with data mining capabilities
Document management, incl. workflows:
on-line document drafting, editing, review, approval, el. signatures, a complete version history and audit trail
Full-text searching:
both in computer generated PDFs and scans, controlled document sharing among registered users
In compliance with the data integrity requirements in pharmaceutical industry,
medical device manufacturing and ISO 17025 accredited laboratories

EffiValidation 4.0

Focused on statistical data evaluation
Method validation
Uncertainty estimation
Control charts

EffiChem is used by companies not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakiažený-soubor-2-1-1.pngžený-soubor-3-1-1.png

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